About Pioneer Lakes Residential Community

Pioneer Lakes is a high quality residential Masterplanned estate ideally situated a short walk from the heart of the Mirani urban township, which is located 25 minutes drive west of Mackay city.

It is an urban oasis nestled among a scenic rural backdrop of canelands and framed by the mountains which form the edge of the Pioneer Valley.
Pioneer Lakes provides an enviable mix of residential lot sizes, ranging from traditional 600m2 home sites to larger 5965m2 lots which provide a transition to nearby farmlands.

Lakes and Parklands

“A series of lakes, wetland and parklands are the central feature of the estate which set a benchmark in environmental design and sustainability”

The lakes and wetlands embrace and enhance the semi-rural open character of the broader locality and provide a refuge for water birds during the drier winter months. The lakes and associated wetland system have been carefully designed to improve stormwater quality outcomes and take account of the local weather patterns.

The development features over 5 kilometres of walkways and bikeways and adjoins the town of Mirani which is less than 1km from the town centre; it is also connected to Mirani by the existing road network as well as a series of pedestrian pathways and cycle ways.

The planting of mature signature landscape trees such as figs in selected parkland locations has also made a significant contribution to the estate’s landscape character. The design features have been complemented by the developer’s commitment to maintenance and rehabilitation of parkland.

The adoption of best practice planning tools such as separation buffers, guided by expert consultant advice ensure Pioneer Lakes has been devised to minimise potential conflict with ongoing sugarcane farming activities, which are a driver of the local economy.

Pioneer Lakes Mackay Family Pathways - Mirani Photos

Friendly to our environment

The creation of the lakes and wetland system not only improves the quality of stormwater by reducing the amount of pollution entering into our waterways, but also creates an environmentally friendly focal point for residents of Pioneer Lakes and the surrounding areas to enjoy.

The Pioneer Lakes system has been engineered to ensure the water level in the lakes is maintained by utilising a supplementary water lake located nearby. Similarly, this supplementary lake also works as an additional catchment area in periods of heavy rain. Water quality is maintained through an innovative combination of engineering and natural plantings to act as filters.

The lakes act as haven for native birds and wildlife and form’s part of the development’s unique attraction. Native and drought tolerant plantings are used wherever possible throughout the estate to form a sympathetic link to the region’s natural surrounds and to ensure presentation is maintained to a high standard.